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Bio 2300 / 2301 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I



Lecture Course Syllabus

Lab Course Syllabus

Lecture Outlines

Material for 1st Exam

Topics to Review for Exam 1




         Biochemical Molecules

A.    Water           

B.    Electrolytes

C.    Carbohydrates

                      D.    Lipids

                      E.    Proteins

F.    Nucleic Acids


         The Cell

A.    Cellular Membranes

B.    Cellular Organelles

C.    Transport Mechanisms

                             1.  Passive Transport

2.  Active Transport

D.    Transmembrane Potential


Material for 2nd Exam

Topics to Review for Exam 2

      The Cell

E.    Cell Cycle

1.  Replication

2.  Transcription

3.  Translation

4.  Mitosis

F.    Cellular Respiration

1.  Glycolysis

2.  Citric Acid Cycle

3.  Electron Transport System



         Epithelial Tissue

         Connective Tissues

         Nervous Tissue

         Muscle Tissue



Material for 3rd Exam –

Topics to Review for Exam 3


Integument (Skin)


Chapter 6



The Skeleton


Chapter 7


Chapter 8


Chapter 9

A.    Bone Structure

B.    Bone Development

C.    Articulation

D.    Lever Systems



Neuromuscular Membrane Physiology


Chapter 12

A.    Excitatory/Action Potential

                      B.    Membrane Conduction

C.    Synapse/Neuromuscular Junction           


 Skeletal Muscles


Chapter 10


Chapter 11

A.    Structure

B.    Sarcomere Contraction

C.    Twitch


Nervous System


Chapter 13


Chapter 14


Chapter 15


Chapter 16


                                  A.   Reflexes

B.    Brain and Spinal Cord

C.    Autonomic Nervous System

D.    Special Senses

 Cumulative Final Exam

 Topics to Review for Final Exam